TIA The Indian Antiques
Decorate your home

With TIA Studio

The Indian Antiques (TIA) is a start up initiated by veterans in IT industry and Exports in Handicrafts. It is a studio setup concept of Artefacts and a marketplace which initially would be launched as an ecommerce platform and eventually be extended to a mobile app solution offering a wide range of Indian Antiques and Artefacts brought to everyone right from the core traditional artesian and manufacturers.

We are highlighting the art, tradition and culture of India through these creations. We are emphasizing on the quality and creativity so to generate vibes of beauty and elegance at your home, workplaces and anywhere you wish to place them.

The promoters have a vision to give a world class experience to the buyer for his selection of any of the product at TIA studio and not only this it would be a unique studio to offer you option of ordering customized as well as products according to your taste and temperament.

We will be boarding Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers and all those who are directly and indirectly related to these products and would be operational soon PAN India and Globally with TIA studios physically through company owned and franchisee studios.

At the outset we seek your guidance and feedback for your experiences with us to make ourselves a better TIA.